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PANGOLIN Armoured Public Order Vehicles. Because extreme circumstances require extreme protection.

PANGOLIN is a growing range of armoured vehicles designed to provide law enforcement officers with a high degree of protection in extreme public order scenarios.

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OVIK designed and produced the PANGOLIN Armoured Public Order Vehicle in response to a requirement generated by the Police Service of Northern Ireland for an up-to-date replacement for a number of in-service ‘TANGI’ armoured Land Rovers.

This is a highly classified system and as such we are not at liberty to divulge any details of the design or vehicle protection levels.

PANGOLIN has been in a state of near constant operational deployment since the very first delivery in June 2011. Tried and tested in some of the most extreme riot scenarios on the often troubled streets of Northern Ireland, the PANGOLIN design is under constant review in order to ensure relevance and capability are maintained. PANGOLIN Batch1 was further improved with the development of Batch 2 (both batches built on Land Rover DEFENDER chassis) - whilst future PANGOLIN (ADVANCE) is a specialist public order enhancement of the OVIK STAGG armoured vehicle - based on the OVIK STRIVE chassis system.

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Originally designed and developed specifically for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and now in service with a number of UK police forces PANGOLIN is an advanced and specialist armoured vehicle. Initially designed on a highly evolved Land Rover 110 DEFENDER chassis and now available as the ADVANCE on the OVIK STRIVE chassis system. Optimised for public order duties and fully armoured to meet theatre specific threats. There are 123 PANGOLINS in active service with UK police forces.



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