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The detailed design elements that constitute PANGOLIN are classified.

In generic terms, PANGOLIN is designed to counter a number of threats inherent within the Northern Ireland operational area.  Law enforcement officers face a number of challanges from highly aggressive public order scenarios which include very real ballistic threats from a range of potential weapon types and calibers. Moreover, the threat from improvised explosive devices of varying types remains high along with threats from missiles, rockets and indirect fire.

The design philosophy was to apply our knowledge and understanding of the multi-faceted kinetic and human threats whilst remaining highly cognisant of vehicle gross weight, levels of protection, payloads and of course... cost effectivness. 

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From a standard heavy-duty Land Rover DEFENDER 110 the Batch 1 & 2 PANGOLIN Armoured Public Order Vehicle is born. The number of original Land Rover components left on the finished vehicle is vanashingly small. Even the iconic Land Rover front wings and bonnet are re-manufactured in attack-resistant composite armour - designed to withstand the rigours of public order operations; concrete slabs, scaffold poles, bullets and explosives... PANGOLIN takes it all head on. Suspension, brakes, chassis, body, electrics... all get seriously upgraded to meet the PANGOLIN spec'.

Naturally - we're not able to show you any of the armouring process due to classification of the systems, materials and processes used in that part of the construction.

OVIK employs advanced CAD - CATIA V5 and Solidworks

NOTE:* Not PANGOLIN for Security Reasons

Design for Manufacture. Full ISO Compliant Design

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