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PANGOLIN is designed to meet and surpass a raft of standards for performance and protection as laid down by the UK Home Office and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Gross vehicle weights due to armour are extreme and thus vehicle systems such as suspension, chassis and brakes are pushed way beyond the standard Land Rover DEFENDER limits.

An extensive programme of trails, testing and development underatken by OVIK  and certified at MIRA and Millbrook proving grounds has taken PANGOLIN to new levels of performance and handling.

PANGOLIN - arguably the most comprehensively tested and best performing armoured Land Rover based vehicle ever.

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Handling, braking, ballistics, fire-proofing, ergonomics...

PANGOLIN meets a range of stringent requirements and standards laid down by the UK Home Office and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.  From ballistic integrity to high speed handling; PANGOLIN leads the field.

In order to meet UK Home Office requirements, PANGOLIN is subjected to rigorous testing at Millbrook Proving Ground and the Motor Industry Research Agency (MIRA).  To meet European 13H Brake Regulations and the VSAG08 Handling Tests the solution required a massive and comprehensive upgrade of brakes and suspension components. 

Many of the components used to improve handling and braking are designed and  produced specifically for PANGOLIN, Springs, anti-roll systems, callipers, proportional brake valves etc - all bespoke and tuned to ensure that PANGOLIN performs to the required standards.

Ultimately, PANGOLIN is designed to handle and perform to a high level. A great deal of time, effort and financial resource has been invested to transform the standard DEFENDER into an armoured vehicle which, arguably, handles far better than a standard, lightweight DEFENDER.

Batch 1 Prototype in Development

Ballistic Testing is by an Independent Test House 


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